2018 U.S. Pecans at SIAL December 4, 2018

2018 U.S. Pecans at SIAL

From May 16-18, 2018, the U.S. Pecans and U.S. Cranberries joint booth at SIAL 2018 China attracted great attention and drew in large crowds of visitors.

2018 was U.S. Pecan’s sixth year of hosting a booth at the annual SIAL China trade show. This year, U.S. Pecans reduced the size of the booth, participating in a joint booth with U.S. Cranberries, and instead focused more on promoting pecans kernels to the Chinese market. We also encouraged visitors to scan pecan QR codes, which would lead them to U.S. Pecans’ official WeChat group and increase U.S. Pecans’ WeChat follower count. Over the course of the three-day trade show, the number of followers on U.S. Pecans’ WeChat increased by over 1,000. Staff at the U.S. Pecans booth went great lengths to introduce pecans to visitors, offering them various pecan samples and providing them with a valuable pecan suppliers list. Ichido pecan tarts were also purchased for tasting and sampling for visitors at the show.

On the second day of the show, U.S. Pecans and U.S. Cranberries invited the popular food Key Opinion Leader (KOL) “Momo” to perform livestreamed cooking demonstrations. “MoMo” is a famous food blogger who promotes a healthy and fashionable lifestyle and has over 640,000+ followers on Weibo and 100,000+ followers on WeChat. She has collaborated with many renowned associations and brands in promotion of their products, such as the German National Tourist Board, Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, Starbucks, and Siemens. She is a columnist and has published her own book. During the livestream, Momo prepared two pecan recipes, a pecan salad and pecan brownie cake. The livestream of this event received 6 million views, which can be viewed at

This year, because of the concern surrounding the issue of tariffs between China and the U.S., pecan traders, retailers, and online marketers voiced some concerns as to purchasing pecans from the United States or domestically. However, these trade and industry visitors had the opportunity to speak directly to some U.S. pecan growers to get more information, as Cater Pecan, Hudson Pecan, Green Valley Pecan, Wharton Ranch, Front Porch Pecans, and others all had their own booths at SIAL.

2018 marked SIAL China’s 19th year of operation. This year, a record 110,000 trade visitors and 3,400 exhibitors attended the trade show. Approximately 1,200 copies of U.S. Pecans brochures and other pecan gifts were distributed at the event, with the contact information of more than 200 visitors being collected in total.

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