City Bake at the Right Time! Experiencing Baking with USA Blueberries October 31, 2023

City Bake at the Right Time! Experiencing Baking with USA Blueberries

Using dried fruits in baking is an unspoken rule in the baking world. Adding a fruity flavor to baked goods seems to change the usual creamy taste and infuse a fresh and abundant gustatory power. Dried blueberries, a well-known dried fruit, not only offer unforgettable flavor and beautiful color but also come with various nutritional elements. In recent years, blueberries have become a rising star in the baking world!

With this opportunity, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, dedicated to injecting more innovative inspiration into this small berry, specially chose ABC Cooking Studio Shanghai IAPM Store, a pioneer in baking culinary studios, as a venue partner. Together, they organized the “City Bake: USA Dried Blueberries in Baking” group activity, attracting a large number of members eager to participate.

On October 31st, under the guidance of ABC teachers, the members fully experienced the charm of incorporating USA-dried blueberries into cake baking. They witnessed how ingredients like eggs, flour, and milk transformed into a high-appeal dessert. They personally witnessed the magical use of dried USA blueberries in baking! This naked cake, adorned with a beautiful forest-like top, was a baking miracle infused with USA blueberries.

USA is the world’s leading producer of blueberries, with commercial cultivation of blueberries in 38 states. According to data from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, blueberry production in the United States reached a staggering 711.2 million pounds (approximately 32,259 metric tons) in 2023.

Half of the annual blueberry production in the United States is sold as fresh blueberries, while the other half is used for processing various blueberry products. Blueberries in the United States are processed into various forms, including dried blueberries, and freeze-dried blueberries, and can be used in candies, baking, beverages, or other snacks. They can be stored for extended periods in refrigerated, dried, or conditions below 21°C with 50% relative humidity.

USA blueberries, inspiring more ideas with their blue vitality, will appear in our diet in a more diverse manner, captivating our visual and gustatory senses with their enchanting purple hue!"

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