New Cranberry Products Campaign with Heytea January 7, 2022

New Cranberry Products Campaign with Heytea

From October to December, CMC collaborated with Heytea in holding a new cranberry products campaign across 600+ outlets throughout China. This event was aimed at supporting the use and application of cranberries in the food and beverage sector.

Six cranberry beverages and desserts were highlighted through this promotion: ‘Berry Bang Cheezo’, ‘Cranberry Raspberry Bottled Juice’, ‘Berry Bang Mille Crepe Cake’, ‘Berry Bang Gelato’, ‘Cranberry Orange Scone’, and ‘Cheezo Cranberry Turkey Pastry’. These six cranberry products were specially developed and launched by Heytea based on specific seasons and holiday periods. For greater exposure, the products were featured on television screens in physical stores, as top banners on online ordering platforms, posts on Heytea’s social media, and similar channels. Additionally, Heytea offered a special buy one, get one free promotion on certain cranberry products.

On October 21, a new cranberry products launch event was held in Shanghai. Brian Dai, chief brand officer at Heytea, and Jeff Dutton, commercial officer at the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service of the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, delivered welcome remarks. Aarif Lee, a popular actor, singer, and songwriter, also attended the event as a ‘brand experience officer’, expressing his fondness for the new cranberry products and conducting a media interview. Through the efforts of 15 media outlets (including printed media, television and video websites) and 15 Weibo accounts in the fields of fashion and entertainment, a total of 56 placements were published. Following the official launch, 61 KOLs and KOCs were invited to experience the world of cranberries at the Shanghai Amusement Park Party. In total, the KOLs and KOCs released 61 products posts on Weibo and The Red, and both Aarif Lee and Heytea also published relevant posts.

Some example of relevant reports can be viewed at the following links:

From October 18 to November 17, the most featured product was ‘Berry Bang Cheezo’, which generated sales of roughly RMB 8.9 million and sold 270,000 units. ‘Cranberry Raspberry Bottled Juice’ and ‘Cranberry Orange Scone’ have now been added as standard products following the promotion. The campaign generated 61,647,787 views and 134,017 engagements across all online platforms.

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