Posted on June 15, 2016

On May 15, CMC collaborated with COFCO in co-sponsoring the 11th Charity Run in Shanghai Century Park. The event was organized by a major Chinese State-owned Group, China International Intellectech Corporation. About 6000 white-collar employees from 300 world renowned enterprises in China, including Intel, Philips, 3M, and Mitsubishi etc, participated in the 3-mile run. The runners were also encouraged to bring their friends and families as spectators. Because of this, the total number of people who turned up for the event, including bystanders, reached approximately 20,000.

Sponsors were allowed space to set up booths for interacting with the participants and the people they had invited. CMC and set up a 9 square meter booth to have games for the people who came and offered gifts to them. Parents and kids were given white t-shirts with CMC’s and Womai’s logos on which they could draw graffiti or anything with the only condition that a CMC logo had to be incorporated. gave away RMB15 cash coupons to encourage purchasing cranberry products online. Those who scanned CMC’s QR code and became followers of CMC’ Wechat were also given gift packs containing dried cranberries and recipe books.

The CMC and Womai booth was decorated by two stand-alone posters showing cranberries’ different product variants and their health benefits. CMC logos appeared on the backdrop of the event’s main stage as well as the entrance tickets. Reporters from most of Shanghai’s major media were present at the scene to report the event.

To get more publicity, published materials related to the event on its Weibo (1.3 million followers) and CMC reposted it. Additionally, CMC released a post-event report on Wechat.

COFCO is the largest manufacturer, processor, and trader of agricultural products in China. is a business-to-consumer e-commerce website invested by COFCO. Currently, has more than 40 thousand SKUs of domestic and imported products, including several brands of cranberry products. Its sales value reached RMB 2.0 billion by the end of 2015.


"M. Z. Marketing Communications has provided exceptional support for the U.S. pecan industry’s successful marketing efforts in China... This is a professional organization which has the full confidence of the U.S. industry."

− National Pecan Growers Council

"From our recent experience working with MZMC for our efforts in mainland China, it has become clear that we couldn’t be working with a stronger or more effective partner. Their work is exceptional, of the highest quality and has certainly contributed to our successes in the China market!"

− Scott J. Soares, Executive Director, U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee

"M.Z. Marketing Communications is the best thing that has happened to our industry in China. We are writing a new chapter in the history of our industry and MZMC is the primary author."

− Butch Weege, Executive Director, Ginseng Board of Wisconsin

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