New Western Cuisine Features Cranberry Advertorial October 10, 2013

New Western Cuisine Features Cranberry Advertorial

In September 2013, New Western Cuisine published its first advertorial featuring U.S. cranberries. The magazine’s new Chef Wizard advertorial series features a different chef each month combining sponsored ingredients to create unique and imaginative recipes. The chefs are chosen from among the top western chefs in China, and are presented as “Chef Wizards” for their creative and adventurous styles of transforming fine ingredients into visually and gastronomically impressive assemblages of colors, flavors, and textures. The September issue featured Beat Mueller, Operator of Swiss Bread (Beijing) Ltd., and Bailli Provincial de Pekin of the Confrérie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs.

Using U.S. cranberries sponsored by MZMC, Mr. Mueller created 5 recipes featuring cranberries as the main ingredient:

  • Caviar with Smoked Sturgeon, Reisling Glazed Cranberries and Cream
  • Cranberry Dragon Fruit Jelly in Riesling
  • Cronut with Cranberry and Lemon Ganache
  • Poached Foie Gras in Mushroom Comsommé with Lemon Grass, Cranberries and Lavash with Cumin
  • Cranberry Wontons on Rhubarb Compote, Praline-Croquant Tear & Cream with Sesame

With a circulation of 100,000 per issue, New Western Cuisine is the only bilingual monthly food and beverage publication in China. A recipient of multiple awards and international recognition, the magazine targets five-star hotels, high-end restaurants, executive chefs, sommeliers and wine masters, food and beverage distributors, embassies and trade commissions, tourism boards, elite clubs, and culinary schools, among others. The magazine’s mission is to serve as a bridge between east and west via creative themes, interesting content, outstanding photography, authoritative opinions, and quality printing.

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