Pecan Recipe Development Seminar

Posted on December 20, 2017

In the afternoon of August 1st, U.S. Pecan Growers Council held a seminar for the development of pecan recipes at the Metro Catering Academy. Mr. Tyler Babcock, Shanghai ATO Deputy Director, was invited to deliver a welcoming speech to all participants. Mr. Kevin Ivey, President of the U.S. Pecan Growers Council, gave an introduction to pecan growing and harvesting, and shared the latest information on the U.S. pecan industry. This seminar aimed to encourage and enlighten chefs from local chains and restaurants to use pecans in their cooking and to feature the pecan in unique dishes.

In total, 30 chefs took part in the seminar: 10 of them participated in the onsite preparation and cooking of two pecan recipes, with the rest of the chefs acting as judges. During the recipe preparation, pecan-related questions were asked, such as pecan production areas, nutritional information, usage in recipes, etc., and small gifts were given to those with the correct answers. In the end, 20 recipes featuring the pecan were cooked and set out on display.

The versatility of the pecan was showcased among these recipes, such as being fried with shrimp or crawfish, mixed in salads, used as an ideal ingredient for desserts, or even in smoothies and milkshakes. All recipes displayed were innovative, delicious, and of high quality. Five awards were given to the winning chefs: most innovative, most popular, and most professional recipe, as well as best flavor and best artistic plate presentation.

The pecan recipe development seminar served as a run-up to the upcoming U.S. Pecan restaurant promotional campaign, which is planned to be launched during the 2018 spring festival.




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