Second Cranberry Advertorial Published in China Sweets Industry Magazine July 30, 2013

Second Cranberry Advertorial Published in China Sweets Industry Magazine

In July, 2013, China Sweets Industry featured its second advertorial sponsored by CMC China. Entitled An Overview of U.S. Cranberries, the article was written by Michael D. Rosenblum, CMC Consulting Chef and Chef of the U.S. Ambassador to China. In addition to providing a general introduction to U.S. cranberries, the article also included the recipe for Shortcakes with Sweet Lemon, Ricotta, and Stewed Cherries which was developed by Mr. Rosenblum for the Orangerie Baking Seminar in May, 2013.

Founded in 2006, China Sweets Industry is published by the China Bakery Sugar Industry Association and is mainly targeted at food manufacturers. With a circulation of 10,000 per issue, the publication is the only professional journal for the confectionary industry in China and covers chocolate, candy, ice cream, snack foods, and baking.

The following is the English version of the article:

Americans once thought of cranberries simply as a holiday condiment, necessary as part of the traditional buffet. But today, US cranberries in all their forms, find themselves in renewed favor; whether for their brilliant crimson color or the perfect sweet-sour balance of their flavor, these ruby gems have become an indispensable component in all forms of American cooking.

US Cranberries are truly one of the culinary world's most versatile creations. And America's chefs have gone far beyond Thanksgiving condiments when it comes to being inventive. Cranberries can be prepared a multitude of ways and match wonderfully with almost everything from lamb chops to bitter chocolate. They can be enjoyed alone as a nutritious snack, or employed in your favorite recipe to add that extra something special. Its of little wonder their popularity has increased among American chef's and bakers. Here's a few more reasons why:

You may have heard that US cranberries are one of mother nature's richest sources of polyphenols. But these amazing little fruits are valued by health-conscious individuals beyond their status as antioxidant powerhouses. They work well as a sweet compact fuel source and are frequently added to nutritional bars and supplements as a natural source of vitamins, minerals and energy. It's doesn't stop there. They work just as well in trail mix, granola, scones, muffins and rustic breads. For a truly unique treat, roast fresh cranberries with some lemon or orange peels and roll them through a little fine sugar. Serve them as a lite dessert after a special meal, or as a cake or ice cream topper.

Ever had a dried US cranberry? The sweet little surprises will add texture and flavor to breads and confections. Still, they do far more than garnish; they can elevate the average pastry to a higher level. If you are looking to add some visual appeal to your bakery case, or offer your guests a little something different with regard to flavor pairing, cranberries are an option worth exploring. They lend a flavor unlike any other fruit. What's more, both their sweet-fruity essence and vibrant red hue of US cranberries is intensified when they are cooked. Pair them with any herbs, spices, extracts, nuts or fruits and vegetables of your choosing. It's hard to go wrong.

Perhaps you did not know that US cranberries go far beyond the fresh version. They can be easily found in frozen and dried forms. Both fold effortlessly into batters, stew beautifully into sauces and purées and set like magic without the use of added binders or gelling mediums. What's more, natural juices from the frozen berries lend a brilliant rouge to your favorite dishes - and all without artificial colors. Cranberry sauce makes an excellent decoration for whole cakes or plated desserts, finding harmony from deep dish apple pie to New York Cheesecake and everything in between.

Speaking of juice, if cocktails are your passion, why not brighten up your spirit of choice with a splash of cranberry juice? Naturally sweet, cranberry juice adds a subtle pucker to cocktails, spritzers and blended spirits. For an unusual garnish, drop a few slices of fresh or frozen cranberries into the glass.

Most folks are already aware that eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing. US cranberries are an easy way to get more fruit into your diet. Light weight and easy to slip into your purse or briefcase, cranberries are an easy choice for busy people on the go.

Whether cooking, baking, mixing drinks or snacking by the handful, US cranberries are a healthy and delicious way to enjoy a real taste of America- one delectable bite at a time.

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