Winning hearts, minds, and habits

MZMC combines traditional and cutting-edge marketing tools to generate social buzz, build awareness, and break sales records.

Chinese consumers make purchasing decisions in increasingly sophisticated and tech-enabled shopping environments unique to China. We work closely with China’s leading retailers, social media platforms, and foodservice providers to craft impactful marketing campaigns that resonate, inspire, and deliver results.

What we do

Online, offline, and O2O promotions

In-store retail and foodservice menu promotions

Prepare Chinese-language marketing materials

Trade promotion, education, and training

Consumer Marketing

Traditional in-store and foodservice promotions remain integral components of effective food marketing strategies in China. However, the merging of e-commerce, rapid delivery, and social media platforms has given rise to social commerce and new retail models unique to the China market. Online-to-offline, offline-to-online, and gamification of shopping and social media sharing have opened the door for viral campaigns previously impossible in China’s highly fragmented regional and local marketplaces. Leveraging these tools in the most advantageous way possible requires both practical know-how and strong relationships with retail, foodservice, e-commerce, and social media leaders.

Trade Promotion

Empowering local stakeholders to carry out their own promotions is an essential part of effective marketing strategies. We organize educational and training programs for importers, distributors, retailers, and foodservice professionals to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and passion to train their teams and conduct effective marketing activities. We also lead international trade delegations to and from China to deepen understanding and forge relationships that translate to sustainable, long-term business growth for our clients.