Progress at the highest levels

MZMC assists food and agriculture producers from around the globe to build collaborative, win–win relationships with Chinese regulators.

Establishing mutual trust and understanding is the most effective way to clear regulatory hurdles and safeguard trade flows. In China, strong government relationships are built over time by demonstrating respect, flexibility, and good will. We keep our finger on the pulse of regulatory developments and enforcement trends that may affect our clients’ business. We work with government officials to harmonize Chinese import and labeling requirements with foreign product standards.

What we do

Policy and regulatory briefings

Government relations strategy consulting

Arrange and moderate meetings with Chinese regulators

In-depth studies on enforcement trends

Foreign government assistance in China

NGO law monitoring and compliance

Foreign Governments in China

MZMC helps businesses and industry associations work with foreign government commerce and agricultural ministries in China to leverage their resources in cooperative marketing efforts. We also assist agricultural and trade offices of foreign governments in China to effectively collaborate with industry and media to expand awareness of their country’s products. Government offices in China we have worked closely with over the years include those of the United States, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, and Thailand, among others.