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MZMC helps international clients prevent and resolve intellectual property disputes in China.

Protecting trademarks and intellectual property rights remains one of the primary challenges for overseas businesses and organizations. China’s trademark registration system operates on a first-to-file rather than a first-to-use basis and does not require intent to use by the registrant. This incentivizes blanket filings by unscrupulous parties who then “squat” on the trademark, hoping to cash in when the brand moves to formally enter the market.

China’s legal framework for intellectual property protection related to plant varieties is also relatively new and markedly different from those in other countries, demanding special consideration from those interested in licensing varieties to China-based growers.

What we do

Trademark and certification mark briefings

Registration of the trademark with Chinese trademark agencies

Processing through local administrations for industry and commerce

Assistance with lawsuits regarding IP infringements

Plant variety protection and IPR consulting

Although failing to register a trademark in China sufficiently early can lead to additional legal hassles and costs, such challenges can often be remedied with the right expertise.

Check the status of trademark filings for your brand on the website of China’s Trademark Office of National Intellectual Property Administration.