Trusted leadership

MZMC works with global food producers to build and maintain brands that inspire confidence and command loyalty among Chinese consumers.

China’s consumer markets are highly dynamic, competitive, and complex. Standing out as a leader in such an environment is both an art and a science, requiring dedication, expertise, and the right relationships. We engage closely with both consumer and trade media, key opinion leaders, and the scientific community to craft highly effective awareness campaigns.

What we do

Media strategy counseling and relationship management

Organize media gatherings and press conferences

Publish press releases and advertorials

Build it, then maintain it

Over the years, we have helped our clients to weather the storms of trade wars, political conflicts, and pandemics that impact product prices, availability, and consumer sentiments. Global brands also need to be prepared for media attention from unexpected events such as food safety scandals and political disputes. In such cases, a well-planned and carefully executed media relations strategy goes far beyond what can be achieved by traditional advertising.

A marketing firm with a media arm

We don’t just bring the media — we are the media. MZMC owns and operates Produce Report, a leading trade publication for the global fresh produce industry available in both English and Chinese.