Transparency & Accountability

MZMC manages the procurement of professional services for clients requiring the highest levels of transparency and accountability.

Relationships are foundational to successful businesses around the globe. However, these relationships can sometimes interfere with the objective, merit-based sourcing of goods and services. This is especially important for governmental agencies and business entities utilizing public funding, who must follow strict protocols for competitive bidding and related record keeping. Such challenges can compound when tasked with carrying out high-value procurement activities in foreign markets.

Our procurement management services are based upon standards and protocols used by the USDA and UNOPS, ensuring complete transparency and verifiable fairness.

What we do

Write and publicly announce the RFP

Notify highly qualified potential bidders

Respond to bidder questions in publicly posted addendums to the RFP

Ensure that all bids are delivered and remain sealed until the review period

Hear presentations from shortlisted bidders

Collect assessments from the proposal evaluation team

Collate and summarize results

Notify the winning bidder and coordinate fund dispersal